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What is M.D.R.?

M.D.R. Stands for Marketing Done Right. We are a Digital Marketing Agency in Cleveland with a focus on Search Engine Optimization, Google Adwords, and Social Media Marketing. We are dedicated to finding out specifically what sets your business apart, what are your goals, and what is needed to attain those goals. Our business goes beyond digital marketing.

Over the years, our team has grow together in both skill and capability. Digital Marketing is always changing so we have to change with it that you don't have to. 
meet our founder
Dustin Fatch
Founder and CEO

Dustin comes from a Digital Marketing and Business Development background. He decided he wanted to create a company that our competition was not; authentic, steadfast, and dependable. 
We're a seasoned team of digital marketers with a passion for growth
Our team utilizes experience, insights, process, and technology to build and support a quality customer experience.
founder and ceo
Dustin comes from a Digital Marketing and Business Development background. With a background in SEO and Social Media Advertising, he leads with knowledge and experience.
Head of Google Ads
Kanya has excelled at delivering high ROI for our clients on Google. She leads our Ads teams here at M.D.R. working with some of the most complex campaigns in competitive environments.
System Admin & Development
Hans prides himself on the quality of his work with his precise attention to details. This is why every clients’ website here at M.D.R. is fast, dependable, and fully optimized.
Team Lead & Project Management
Jean is the glue that holds this team together by coordinating efforts, overseeing large projects, and making sure the fine details are not left out. In her free time, Jean enjoys time with her family at the beach.
SEO Team Lead
Ian leads our team of highly skilled SEO specialists with unwavering passion and commitment. With years of invaluable experience and an exceptional ability to overcome SEO challenges, he consistently delivers the desired results for our clients.
Design & Graphics
Percy is adept at crafting visually captivating and search engine-friendly websites for our clients. With a blend of technical skills and creative flair, he brings our client’s brands to life with websites they can truly be proud of.
Social & Lead Generation
Govind has a deep passion for generating leads through social media on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. With his proven marketing strategies, he effectively captures qualified leads on your brand's social media platforms.
John Michael
Ad Copy
From Ads to websites, John Michael knows how to reframe copy and capture audiences like no other and turn them into new customer contacts.
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We are a group of professional marketers, website builders, and developers with the goal of delivering high-quality services to our clients.
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