A/B Testing

A/B Testing

The concept of A/B testing is a fundamental tool digital marketers use to finetune their marketing campaigns. A/B testing helps to optimize the user experience and increase business performance.

A/B testing is an experiment used to compare two versions of digital content, such as a webpage, an advertisement, or an email, to determine which performs better. This procedure may also be called “split testing” or “bucket testing.”

The purpose of A/B testing services is to create data-driven insights that improve digital marketing campaigns.

What is A/B testing?

Digital marketer doing some A/B testing to their AD, and digital contents.

The idea is straightforward. Take one version of an ad, web page, or other digital content, and make one change while being careful not to change anything else.

Test the campaign with a limited run of the two versions. The “A” version is the original content shown to one-half of the test group. The other half sees the “B” version with the changed content.

Then, compare the results using countable engagement metrics, such as click-throughs on an ad or conversions. A conversion happens when the user takes actions that produce the desired result, like signing up for a free trial.

The top ten benefits of A/B testing are:

Digital marketers discussing a marketing analysis of their business.
  1. Higher Conversion Rates: A/B testing helps make informed decisions on which version of the digital content creates the highest conversion rate.
  2. Identification of Weak Spots: A/B testing helps identify any weaknesses in your design and content that need improvement.
  3. Improved User Engagement: By testing variations of your content, you can determine which version of your web page, digital content, or feature is most engaging to the user.
  4. Behavioral Insights: A/B testing creates valuable insights into user behavior and how users interact with your digital content.
  5. Improved Return on Investment (ROI): A/B testing helps optimize digital content for maximum ROI.
  6. Quicker Iterations: A/B testing is a way to deploy changes quickly, evaluate results, and make quick decisions, including during a live campaign.
  7. Reduced Risk: A/B testing helps reduce the risk of promoting changes that negatively impact your conversion rates.
  8. Understanding User Needs: By testing various versions of digital content, you can gain insights into what users like and dislike.
  9. Greater Customer Satisfaction: By understanding user behavior and preferences, you increase customer satisfaction with an experience that meets their needs.
  10. Increased Data Analysis Accuracy: A/B testing provides more accurate data than traditional methods of analyzing user behavior.

Why Do You Need A/B Testing Services?

The importance of A/B testing in digital marketing comes from increasing certainty that the digital content is effective and the marketing campaign succeeds as expected.

Digital marketer holding an ipad with 3D hologram showing marketing campaign succeeds.

Examples of successful A/B testing campaigns include:

Amazon sellers use A/B testing to optimize their product pages and increase sales. They test different versions of product pages, images, descriptions, and the placement of the add-to-cart button. After testing various versions, product pages with larger images and a more prominent add-to-cart button increased sales.

Hubspot A/B tested the visibility of its search bar to find the best variation after discovering that users who use the search bar have a much higher engagement rate.

Avoiding Common Mistakes

Benefits of using A/B testing services from Marketing Done Right include avoiding these common A/B testing mistakes, which are:

Digital marketer doing some A/B testing to their digital contents.
  • Failing to use a multivariate approach
  • Lack of control of external factors
  • Failure to create a hypothesis and validate it
  • Having inconsistencies in the testing
  • Ignoring the importance of statistical significance
  • Lack of a well-defined goal
  • Not having a baseline measurement
  • Not using a randomized approach
  • The sample size is too small
  • The test run is too short

Our A/B Testing Services

Marketing Done Right offers the following A/B testing services:

Concept for website landing pages and development.

1. Email A/B Testing

We split-test email content, subject lines, and layout to optimize open rates and click-throughs.

2. Landing Page A/B Testing

We test multiple versions of a landing page to determine which design elements and copy drive lead conversions.

3. Website A/B Testing

We test website designs and layouts to determine which versions drive higher engagement and conversions.

4. Ad A/B Testing

We split-test PPC campaigns to determine which versions maximize ROI.

Marketing Done Right takes a data-driven, evidence-based approach to A/B testing. We analyze data to look for statistically significant differences between two versions of a digital content element to determine which version is more effective.

Our team of A/B testing experts consists of experienced marketing professionals who understand the importance of testing each hypothesis and leveraging the results to increase conversions and sales.

Depending on the test, our A/B testing tools and technologies may include Optimizely, Google Optimize, Adobe Target and others. With these tools, we measure the performance of different versions and make informed decisions on which version to use.

Why Choose Us?

Making site. Web pages under construction, and seo optimization. Web programmer making optimization page seo illustration.

Even though the concept sounds simple enough, there is quite a bit of finesse used by Marketing Done Right when providing A/B testing services. The experts at Marketing Done Right have a great deal of experience in A/B testing digital content. This in-depth experience gives us an advantage in selecting what items to test. The A/B testing services start with a general hypothesis along with a powerful premise and then drill down to greater accuracy with finetuning.

Our track record of success includes helping clients with websites, landing pages, user interface (UI) design, and user experience (UX) issues.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction ensures we give the best customer service possible.


Avoid guessing and perhaps wasting marketing dollars. Instead, use our A/B testing services to test, test, and re-test to improve your campaign’s effectiveness and ROI.

Call +1 619-354-0355 or use the contact form to get more information and start the conversation about how to benefit from our A/B testing services. Our office is in Cleveland, Ohio.

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