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A New Generation of Digital Marketing

With tried and true methods that won't let you down.

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Search Engine Optimization and Google Advertising

Combine both long-term and short-term marketing strategies for a higher return on your investment.

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Social Media Advertising and Lead Generation

Leverage the advanced targeting capabilities of social media platforms to bring in your ideal clients.

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Website Construction, Web Design and Templates

Design a website to convert visitors, “WOW” your audiences, and increase your brand’s reputation.

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We are your Partner in Growth

No matter what stage your business is in, we are able to help deliver you the best growth at that moment.
Every business is different. Their goals are different.
Let us custom tailor a campaign that will deliver the results you need.

Key features

Why do it Right.

Think. Do. Deliver.

Our philosophy is based on our experiences working in other agencies. That philosophy is what digital marketing should be. Not a negative connotation or waste of your money. We are bringing integrity to this industry through the quality of our work.

With each new client we work with, we can bring integrity and quality back into the digital marketing world.

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Quality > Quantity

Our measure of excellence.

We Deliver Right on Time

Work with our team to develop better solutions faster.

We Love What We Do

And our clients too.

No Short Cuts

Do the right thing.

Our Process

No two projects are ever exactly the same. Although we use similar practices, we know that proper research and planning are the foundation of an effective marketing campaign and website creation.


First we research your competitive landscape, search rankings, current website, and more.


Every effective campaign needs timelines of deliverables so all of our team’s moving parts work together.


We determine how to differentiate you from your competition, captivate your audiences, and drive results.


Once we have completed stages 1-3, we set your marketing campaign into motion and your new website live for the world to see!

Our Core Minds
We always put the results of our clients before anything else. Reach out to us and find out why our clients see an average ROI of 5-1.

Founder: SEO and Business Development


Head of SEO and Ads


Account Representative


Developer and Engineer


Graphic Designer


Administrative Assistant


"Since hiring M.D.R. I have had much more confidence in expanding my practice from two locations to four. If you are looking for a dependable company who can help you grow, use M.D.R."

Dr. Gady Abramson
Owner/Founder - Back to Mind

"I have been working with M.D.R. since 2018, they have steadily increased the number of leads each month but also the quality of those leads."

Dr. Misa Zaker
Owner/Founder - Zaker Chiropractic

"We’ve been working with M.D.R. and have seen a consistent flow of new patients from their ads. They are always easy to work with and ready to help us in any way we need it! We have seen a consistent volume of 15 new patients per month directly from this strategic marketing effort."

Dr. Bert Solomon
Owner - Knoxville Spine and Sport

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Cleveland, OH

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Monday-Friday: 9:00 – 6:00
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Sunday: Closed


Phone: +1 619-354-0355



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