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Published on January 8, 2024

Website Chat Widget

1. Installation:

  • Navigate to the MDR Messaging dashboard.
  • Go to “Sites” and click on “chat widget” in top menu.
  • Set up the required setting and click on “Get Code” and share the code with your developer to implement on the website. You will see two option to generate the code, one is “by code” and other one is “by GTM”. You developer can suggest which code you need to generate and share it with him.

2. Usage:

  • Engage with website visitors in real-time.
  • Capture leads directly through the chat widget.

Facebook Chat

  1. Navigate to the MDR Messaging dashboard.
  2. Click on “Launchpad” and connect your Facebook page. 
  3. Once you connect you your Facebook, you can check all your messages in the “Conversations” tab. 

Google Business Messaging

  1. Activation:
    • Connect your Google Business account just like we did the Facebook page.
    • Enable the Google Business Messaging feature. You will receive all the Google Business messages in your MDR Messaging inbox.
  2. Advantages:
    • Interact with leads using Google Business Messaging.
    • Leverage Google’s platform for increased visibility.

Lead Connector Application

  • Using Lead Connector app, you can get all the notifications on your mobile phone just like, if you got a new lead, new message from your Facebook or Google or if any existing lead responded to your automation. 
  • You can respond to all those messages using the lead connector app. 
  • You can check your opportunities and Pipeline as well. 
  • You can check if you got any new review on Google or Facebook. 
  • You can chcek your customer’s scheduled appointments using this app. 
  • You can check all of your contacts. 

Reputation Management

  1. Monitoring:
    • Navigate to “Reputation” tab to check your online reputation like how many review you have, how many reviews are positive and how many negative. 
    • Keep track of online reviews and ratings.
    • Respond to reviews directly from the MDR Messaging dashboard.
  2. Improvement:
    • Analyze feedback to enhance customer satisfaction.
    • Utilize reputation management tools to boost your online presence.
  3. Send requests to your happy customers to share a review on your Google Business.

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