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Last updated: May 24, 2024

How Does CallRail Work?

We provide you with a tracking phone number that forwards calls to your main number. When your customers dial the tracking number, the call is instantly redirected to your main phone, allowing you to answer as usual. Through CallRail, we can collect valuable statistics, which you can access in real-time through the CallRail platform. 

How to View the Call Log Report

  1. Log in at https://app.callrail.com/users/sign_in 
  2. Click Analytics in the navigation bar on the left, then select Activity at the top of the page.
  3. Click Call Log under the “Calls” header in the left menu.
  4. Select an interval for how you want your data to be presented. The available interval options will vary depending on your chosen date range.
    • Note: Your filter choices are influenced by the selection you make in this drop-down menu.
  1. Upon loading the report, you will see a list of calls received by your company. The columns display information related to each call. Use the Edit Columns button to choose which columns you’d like to see in the table below. This report can feature a call’s value, its tags, and whether it’s a qualified lead.
  2. Use the Search Contacts field at the top of the table to find specific names, numbers, or locations within the “Contact” column of the report.
  1. Utilize the filter panel located at the top of the report to specify the specific types of calls you wish to view within a selected timeframe.
  1. Use the date range drop-down menu to select the timeframe for the calls that you would like to view on your report.
  2. Select Add Filter and pick the additional filters you’d like for your report. This drop-down only shows if you’re adding filters. 
    • You can use the Tags filter to see new customer calls, missed calls, conversions, etc.
  1. You can filter the Call Log to see only first-time callers by clicking + Add Filter, Conversation Type, and then selecting First-Time Conversations.

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