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Monthly Reports

Last updated: May 24, 2024

At MDR, we provide our clients with customizable white-labeled reports. These reports will be shared with you and can be accessed at any time through the emailed or shared link. They showcase live data for the selected date range. If you prefer a snapshot of data instead of real-time updates, we can also prepare PDF versions and deliver them to you. Rest assured, we offer flexibility and convenience to meet your reporting needs.

See a sample customized monthly report here.

Customizing Your Report

Cover Page and Table of Contents

By default, these elements are included in your report: the MDR logo, the report’s name, and the date range of the report. Furthermore, the table of contents presents a clickable list of all the sections in your report, allowing for easy navigation.

Report Sections

Reports are typically organized into “sections”, which can be conceptualized as individual pages in a report. However, if a section contains extensive data, such as a table with numerous rows, it may span across multiple pages. This ensures comprehensive presentation of information while maintaining readability and structure.

We can create dedicated sections for each of the marketing integrations utilized in your report. If you wish to rename them, the section headings can be easily modified. These section headings will automatically reflect in the table of contents and also in the navigation panel on the left-hand side of the report.

Report Widgets

Report widgets provide numerous customization options, offering the flexibility to modify titles, color schemes, apply filters and dimensions, and more. The availability of specific options varies depending on the widget at hand. Furthermore, we can easily rearrange and resize widgets to align with your design. For improved organization, we can also incorporate title headers to highlight key points within each section.

Sending Reports Automatically or on Demand

We usually automatically send our reports to our clients at a specific frequency. However, you also have the option to receive them on demand through various ways:

  • As a downloaded PDF file 
  • Through a shareable link
  • Emailed report on demand 

Customized Report Data

MDR’s customized report provides you with valuable business intelligence on how each of your individual customers is engaging with your business. If you wish to see a specific report data, just let us know and we will make it happen for you.

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