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Last updated: August 12, 2023

What is a Directory Update?

MDR helps businesses take control of their business data online to ensure it is complete, accurate, and widely displayed.

Our directory update service allows a business to:

  • Submit data to create new listings on websites they are not listed on
  • Claim listings that already exist (and update the data on those listings)
  • Remove harmful duplicate listings from sites

There are two types of submissions we can do for your business:

1) Manual Submissions 

Your citations are manually created or updated by our team on the directories and sites we submit to. Existing listings are manually claimed and new listings are created.

Our team handpicks the sites we use on your campaign to ensure they are relevant and authoritative.

2) Data Aggregator Submissions

Data Aggregators lease their data to other companies such as online directories, review sites, and mobile apps, which creates bulk business citations on a wide variety of sites. This data can then be updated in bulk through the Data Aggregators.

There are five main aggregators in the US (which carry data about US-based businesses). We submit data to these data aggregators through Bright Local.

How Long Does a Directory Update Take? 

Directory updates usually take up to 2-3 months to complete. Data aggregators and individual sites have varying approval timelines and some can cause delays in the process. Within this time frame, however, most listings are published week after week until all submissions are completed.

It would help that your Google Business Profile and business’s website have the same Name, Address, and Phone Number (NAP) to make the cross-checking process easier and quicker. 

Updating Details About a Location

Your business may have moved to a new location, changed contact details or opening/closing hours, and want to update the relevant citations. No problem. 

You can either:

(1) have us update these details

(2) or have someone on your team update them 

Our team can make updates to some of your most important citations. Our data aggregator subscription allows us to update managed listings within a year. Renewal will entail additional charges however as these are managed through our Bright Local subscription.

If you prefer the second option, we will give you the same username and password we’ve used in submitting your citations. We will also give you the list of live citations we submitted to.

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