Mobile SEO Optimization


Mobile SEO Optimization

According to Pew Research, 97 percent of Americans use a cellphone or smartphone. That’s a 35 percent increase from the first time Pew surveyed cellphone use in the U.S. in 2011. In addition, it’s estimated that in just three years, nearly 73 percent of people worldwide will access the Internet using only their smartphones. Breaking down that percentage into individual users results in a stunning number of mobile-only web users–3.7 billion.

These statistics alone underscore how vital it is for businesses to invest in professional mobile optimization services. Unless websites and apps utilize advanced search engine optimization techniques, the chances of reaching enough people to enjoy a profit decrease significantly.

Staying ahead of the competition means utilizing SEO mobile optimization to resolve three main problems:

Website Loading Speed Optimization With Server.
  • Ensuring a website benefits from Responsive Design (RD). Sites constructed with RD protocols send the same hypertext markup language (HTML) code to laptops, desktop computers, and cellphones. Google strongly recommends businesses incorporate RD coding into their websites to optimize mobile SEO.
  • Eliminate “evergreen” content by updating your site at least every other day. Google’s search algorithms thrive on content that frequently changes because these algorithms consider updated websites as authoritative and legitimate.
  • Enhancing user interface (UI) by increasing loading speed, optimizing images with meta-tags, and employing scrolling content instead of redirecting users to other pages.

What is Mobile Optimization?

Mobile optimization focuses on optimizing the ability of websites to rank in Google searches performed on mobile devices. It also involves implementing specific codes into website content and imagery so that cellphone users can easily view and browse a website on their phones.

Websites that don’t use Responsive Design features will:

  • Load slowly on cellphones
  • Fail to show the full website (usually due to unsupported media types)
  • Reduced resolution/blurry words and images
  • Remain unreachable by search engine algorithms

In many cases, websites failing to use responsive design features may not even load on smartphones. This applies to apps as well. Mobile app SEO optimization is just as important as mobile website optimization.

Advantages of Mobile Optimization

SEO Ranking

SEO marketing Concept

When people search on Google, they seldom scan more than two pages of returns. So, if a website is buried on page three of a Google search, it’s likely that site will rarely–if ever–be seen by searchers. This is the main reason why implementing evidence-based SEO techniques in your website content is absolutely essential to the success of your company. In addition to mobile optimization protocols, Google has unique rules for ranking websites, such as boosting consistently updated pages and high-quality content Google calls “Your Money or Your Life” optimization.

Credibility and Reputation

Poorly constructed websites that lack responsive design coding necessary for SEO mobile optimization are viewed as less credible and potentially untrustworthy. Websites that resemble 1990s websites using Javascript, Flash, or other outdated software won’t be picked up by Google’s search algorithms.

Customer Satisfaction

More than two billion people spent nearly $4.5 billion on products or services they bought online in 2020. Many of these buyers rely solely on their cell phones to access websites that sell their favorite products. By 2024, the amount spent by online buyers is expected to exceed $6.3 billion. Websites that do not utilize mobile optimization techniques will be unable to compete against websites that use SEO mobile optimization.

How Can I Start Improving My Mobile Website?

Whether you need mobile optimization services or mobile app SEO optimization assistance, Marketing Done Right provides professional SEO strategists with years of experience getting sites ranked on Google. We have helped thousands of clients achieve higher rankings and improve customer retention rates with our advanced mobile SEO optimization techniques. Call MDR today to learn how we can affordably transform your business website from static to mobile-friendly and profitable.

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