What is SEO Content Optimization?


What is SEO Content Optimization?

You already know that you need search engine optimization to help improve your ranking position and grow your organic traffic. But how much do you understand about the role content plays in the process? And why do you need to be consistent about adding new text on a regular basis?

If you are unsure about what a content optimization strategy is, our Marketing Done Right team is here to help. We’ll even recommend a few good tools and strategies to get you started.  Here’s everything you should know about SEO content optimization.

What is Content Optimization in SEO?

Content optimization is part of a larger SEO strategy. It ensures the written portion of your website captures as big of a target audience as possible through various methods.

The process also includes following all (if not most) recommended best practices for on-page optimization, such as:

  • Adding appropriate keywords
  • Creating custom meta tags
  • Adding meta titles
  • Relevant internal linking
  • Using appropriate heading tags where relevant

Benefits of SEO Optimized Content

Of course, having a strong content optimization strategy has a few non-SERP results, too. Here are a few of the most important ones to remember:

Quality Content Generates High CTR

People want to read quality content. If you’re consistently producing top-notch blog posts and articles with captivating Meta Titles, Open Graph Images, and more, your target audience is going to want to click on your link to read your content. This is the starting point to showing visitors you have quality content. If they don’t click in, they will never read it.

Quality Content Helps You Generate Backlinks

Other website owners are more likely to link to your content if you’re providing quality information that helps them cite the claims within their own articles. And that’s a good thing, as backlinks are one of the best off-page SEO factors out there. The more websites that do this, the better your search ranking.

Content Allows You to Incorporate Keywords

Obviously, you can’t rank for a specific keyword if you don’t have content on your website about that topic. By creating a strong content optimization strategy using keywords, you’re giving yourself more room to add those search terms in a natural and informative fashion. In the end, similar or related keywords open up additional pages that could rank on Google, which eventually leads to more organic traffic.

Quality Content Provides a Great User Experience

Finally, quality content offers a great user experience for your target market by answering their question and also providing the visitor with access to additional information they may need. If you’re consistently adding great information to your website, your customers and leads will see you as a knowledgeable resource.

Types of Content to Improve SEO

Animation on how SEO increases website traffic.

The easiest way to improve your website’s SEO? Add more optimized content with plenty of coordinating keywords. Here are a few types to consider.

Product Pages

For an eCommerce brand, your product pages are perhaps the most important form of content you can create. Make sure to include as many descriptive details as possible to help someone searching for that specific item find your store.

Blog Posts

In general, blog posts are an excellent way to improve search engine rankings and organic traffic while creating trust with your audience. By offering guidance and solid information, you’ll improve both your credibility and Google’s position. Blog posts are a great way to match up to long-tail keywords or queries typed into Google. These are generally very specific questions that need to be answered.


Although similar to a blog post, articles are more closely related to what you would find in an article or newspaper. These are interviews, announcements, or timely pieces that center around a specific topic. Articles are a great choice for topics on people or events.


Lists are really just a form of a blog post or article, but they are incredibly popular with most audiences. Easily scannable, it also tends to lead to a higher clickthrough rate. You will find this as part of the other types of SEO Content mentioned here. By also using lists within blog posts and articles, you help improve user experience by condensing simple information.


Essentially, guides are just longer blog posts or articles. They’re designed to provide as much information as possible, which is why they can be listed as a series or on a single page.


Animation of the types of content to optimize for your website.

Video marketing is gaining popularity and ranking for a piece of interactive media is always a good option. Google tends to put a few YouTube videos at the top of most search results pages, making it easier to rank than some textual keywords. Since YouTube is a Google product, it’s the most desirable platform for video blogs.


While great for your overall user experience, the text on infographics does not currently transfer over to what search engines are available to read. That’s why it is important to ensure the rest of your page is SEO optimized with content from that infographic.


Again, using graphics is a great way to engage your audience. But search engines cannot see any of the text on the photos, so you’ll need to ensure elements like your alt tags, meta title, and meta description include enough information and keywords to rank appropriately.


Although they aren’t used as an SEO content strategy as often, glossaries are an excellent way to build out your content and rank for less popular keywords. By creating a page like this that centers around your niche, you can help educate your audience and enjoy more organic traffic.


Also referred to as “round-up” posts, directories link to different resources surrounding a particular topic. This is a great SEO optimization strategy for those looking to gain affiliate commissions or other perks by sharing specific outbound links.

The Best Way to Optimize Content

If you’re looking to optimize your website content but aren’t sure where to start, Marketing Done Right is here to help. As a full-scale SEO Agency, we can help with everything from analyzing your current website to creating new content to help you rank for more search terms.

Ready to learn more about our SEO content optimization services? Please get in touch with us today to start the conversation.

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