Why videos help with your website’s SEO: creative marketing videos


Why videos help with your website’s SEO: creative marketing videos

If you haven’t included creative marketing videos into your digital marketing strategy, you need to start now. While a plain old website can get you some results, adding video will help you take things to the next level in several ways.

Increasing Webpage Retention

Creative marketing videos gives your website visitors more reason to stick around. Ideally, this gives you more time to convince them to buy something. Even if it can’t, it still helps your website retention statistics.

Mark Wayner, a video strategist, and producer at Mark Wayner Creative mentioned that one of his clients saw an increase of 342% for Time Spent on Page when utilizing video on their website.

“Video, when done effectively, provides your audience a great reason to stay engaged with your content,” Mark stated. 

“It gives you the space to promote your brand’s message, and more importantly, enables you the opportunity to build trust with your audience. This, in turn, will cause them to come back to your site for more content.”

Better Search Engine Optimization

The time spent on your website is a major factor in SEO. The search engine optimization algorithms can’t exactly tell how useful your website is, but they can make educated guesses. If someone clicked off of your website right away, they probably didn’t find what they were looking for, and you shouldn’t have been that high for that search. If they spend a long time on your website, they probably found useful information that they wanted to stay and read.

Video marketing helps add to how long visitors stay on your website by giving them something to watch. And it matches the intent of the SEO algorithms because your visitors don’t have to watch the entire video unless they think it’s useful.

Better User Experience

Different visitors like to receive information in different ways. Some like to read, some like to be told, and some like to look at pictures. Adding video gives them more of these options. Having videos can also save them from having to dig through multiple pages since you can put a few videos in the space of a single paragraph of text.

While it’s true that some people don’t view videos, remember that you’re not replacing anything with your videos. You’re just giving an extra option.

Easier/Better to Share

Most videos can be shared with a single push of a button. In addition, most email and text apps even show the video inside of the app rather than forcing the recipient to open the link. That’s much faster than copying and pasting a link and telling someone where to scroll to read what you want them to.

Deliver More Information in a Shorter Time

Just a few minutes of video with diagrams can cover several pages of written information. Instead of reading your website page by page until they find what they’re looking for, they can push one button to hear everything they need to know all at once.

To learn more about how to integrate videos into your digital marketing strategy, call Marketing Done Right based in Cleveland Ohio at 619-354-0355 or reach us anytime on our Contact Page.

Dustin Fatch

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