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Managing Leads in Google Guarantee (Local Service Ads)

Published on April 5, 2024

Success hinges on consistent monitoring and making timely adjustments.

Receiving Leads

Your GLSA account can receive leads through two main channels:

  • Phone calls are directed to your standard business line.
  • Text-based messages within your GLSA account (messaged leads).

For phone calls, an automated message announces that the call originated from a Local Service Ad.

If a message lead is submitted, the email address associated with your account should receive a notification via email. 

Lead Statuses

Leads are categorized under different statuses, each representing a stage in the lead lifecycle:

New: Newly acquired leads fall under this category. Aim to move them out of this status within 24 hours.

Active: These leads are currently in engagement. Keep them here if you’re awaiting a follow-up call or maintaining text correspondence.

Booked: When a lead schedules an appointment, it moves to “Booked.” This serves as a holding area for those who’ve shown intent but haven’t fully committed.

Completed: Once a lead successfully transitions to a client, it’s marked as “Completed.”

Archive: This serves as the resting place for leads that don’t convert. Archiving leads informs Google’s machine learning algorithms about which prospects are not a good fit for your business. This helps the platform better allocate your budget toward leads that are more likely to convert.

Managing Received Leads

Sign in to https://ads.google.com/local-services-ads/ 

Note: You can also manage your leads via the Local Services app on Android and iOS.

On the ‘Potential Customer’ page, you can update the customer’s important contact information, respond to messages leads, or update their booking status.

Once a lead is received through a call or message, updating its status within the GLSA platform is crucial. This can be done through the Lead Inbox page of the account, accessed by clicking on the “Leads” tab in the left menu.

When you select one of the status tabs containing leads, the inbox will populate with all relevant entries. From there, simply click on a lead to open the detailed view. 

Names, emails, and notes can be easily added and saved by typing them into their respective fields.

If the lead originated from a message, the ‘Conversation’ section will be expanded to include a basic text messaging window where you can communicate with the potential customer.

Lastly, the ‘Archive’ and ‘Mark Booked’ buttons are located at the top of the page. 

Effective lead management in Google Local Service Ads is crucial, impacting immediate ROI and shaping your future ad performance. Every managed lead helps educate Google’s algorithms, refining your advertising efficiency. Success hinges on consistent monitoring and making timely adjustments.

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