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Setting Up Google Guarantee (LSA)

Published on February 12, 2024

How to Set Up Google Local Services Ads

Setting up Google Local Services Ads is easy. Here’s the process, step by step:

1. Create Your Profile and Check for Eligibility

Set up your account by navigating to the Google Local Services Ads page

If you already have a Google Ads account, click “Sign in.” If you don’t, click “Get started.” 

Google Local Services Ads homepage

Next, fill in your location information and job (services) category. Click “Check Eligibility.”

Check Eligibility button highlighted

Then, create your profile by filling in all your business details. Including name, address, website, service areas, service types, business hours, and more. 

Some fields are optional. But the more information you give Google, the better your chances of getting approved. 

Business details in Google Local Services Ads

The final step is a generic preview of your ad and how it’ll be displayed. 

You can’t edit anything in this step. It’s just a preview of what your ad can look like in Local Services Ads. 

Preview your ad page

2. Prove Your Business Is Trustworthy

In the next step, you’ll get the chance to let Google know your business is trustworthy. 

Verify your business page

Depending on your location and service category, you’ll be asked to provide more or less information. 

For example, Google may ask for details regarding your business license or proof of insurance. 

Business License page

If so, fill out those sections with as much detail as possible. 

Then, with all the information you’ve entered, Google will automatically start looking for reviews on your Google Business Profile

Note: Your review score and the number of reviews play a big role in how Google ranks your business. Searching business on Google Maps page

If you don’t have customer reviews, click “See link options.”

See link options button

You can send these links to previous or current customers to get reviews. Any review you get from these links will be shown as verified reviews. 

The next step is to choose the type of bidding you want. And your weekly budget. 

You can choose one of Google’s suggested budgets or set your own. 

Budget page

The final step is adding your billing information. 

Billing information page

If you already have a Google Ads account, Local Services can use your existing payment information. 

If you don’t, fill this section in. 

3. Wait for Approval

Google’s screening and verification process can take days to weeks. 

It depends on your business type and the state, province, and country you operate in. (Among other factors.)

To learn what’s required to complete your screening and verification, check out Google’s requirements page

There, scroll down to select your country and business category. 

Google’s requirements page

4. Grant Access

Please send your Google Ads ID to ppc@marketingdr.co, and we will request access. Once you accept this, we are ready to go! 

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