Technical SEO Specialist


Technical SEO Specialist

An estimated two billion websites are available at any given moment for Google’s crawlers to evaluate and rank. With such a large number of websites vying for recognition, how can site owners achieve the impossible?

Only technical SEO specialists can help website owners increase their ranking on search engine results. They know exactly how to get a website ranked high enough to be visited consistently by thousands of people.

SEO technical specialists can solve three problems experienced by websites that remain unseen in search rankings:

  • Correct and optimize faulty website infrastructure to attract advanced search engine robots
  • Ensure Google, Bing and other popular search engines can easily find and index websites without encountering technical problems with robots.txt files, poorly created meta descriptions, slow loading time, etc
  • Improve and update technical aspects of websites configured for mobile phone access (the U.S. Census Bureau estimates over 3.5 billion people will access the Internet via their phone only by 2025)

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What is Technical SEO?

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Website owners understand the importance of content SEO techniques, such as keywords and inserting authoritative hyperlinks. Unfortunately, the benefits of technical SEO methods remain relatively unknown to newer website owners simply because the Internet is inundated with passionate “content is king” advocates.

While it is true that content SEO is one of the best ways websites can bolster their friendship with search engine algorithms, it’s not the only way. In fact, Google provides a list of technical SEO methods that websites should use to attract their crawlers. A technical SEO specialist knows how to find technical errors within websites and correct them accordingly.

How Does a Technical SEO Agency Improve a Website’s Rank?

Robots.txt Optimize

Robots.txt is a file incorporated into a website’s configuration that controls how search engines access the site’s context. Technical SEO specialists modify commands provided by the robots.txt file to address different search engine crawlers. What Google considers is a correct robot.txt command may not be considered correct by another search engine.

Verify Preferred Domain

The domain a website owner wants to be seen in search results is called a preferred domain. It is also the domain site owners want visitors to be redirected to even when searchers don’t include the “www.”. The SEO impact of preferred domains is that Google does not consider as the same as Establishing this unique domain for a website not only optimizes search rank but also helps stop duplicate content from affecting your website.

Fix Website Crawl Errors

If a search engine receives frequent crawl error alerts when crawling a particular website, it may flag the site as problematic and avoid placing it on search returns.

Create XML Sitemap

An Extensible Markup Language (XML) Sitemap is a file that includes details of a website’s URLs. The information inserted in an XML Sitemap text file allows search engine crawlers to access a website’s old and new pages. Unless a website is configured correctly, crawlers can’t evaluate and rank a website.

URL Structure

In addition to using hyphens and lowercase letters, optimized URLs should also include a permalink, domain, subdomain, and protocol. SEO specialists will construct a URL so that it significantly increases the website’s ability to be found, ranked, and visited.

SEO-friendly Web Design

Enhancing the technical elements of a website maximizes the ability of the site to be found, crawled, and ranked by search engines. Improving the design includes removing orphan (unlinked) pages, adding sitemap pages, inserting internal links where appropriate, and making the website mobile-friendly.

Improve Website Core Vitals

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Google considers the following to be the “core vitals” of a website:

  • Page loading speed
  • An excellent user interface
  • Secure browsing using HTTPS
  • Mobile-friendly website design.

Technical SEO Company

Marketing Done Right is a leading technical SEO agency providing comprehensive digital marketing services that include but are not limited to:

Google, Bing, and other popular search engines constantly revise their algorithms to find only the most professionally built websites to include in search returns. Our clients consistently experience high ROIs and improved rankings when they rely on a technical SEO specialist to rework and optimize their website’s core vitals.

Contact Marketing Done Right to get started on a complete website renovation to improve technical SEO and search engine rank.

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