Top 8 Social Media Advertising Benefits for Small Businesses


Top 8 Social Media Advertising Benefits for Small Businesses

A relatively diverse category of advertising that encompasses all types of paid marketing outreach on social media, social media advertising benefits small businesses in a variety of ways.

In fact, a 2022 study by the data-driven online design network Visual Objects determined that roughly two-thirds of all small businesses utilize social media in their marketing efforts. Furthermore, one in four small businesses surveyed considers social media to be their most successful digital marketing tool.

Why, exactly, are social media ads so valuable for a small business? Here are just eight advantages to launching and maintaining an effective social media adverting campaign.

The Advantages of an Effective Social Media Advertising Campaign

1. Increased Brand Awareness

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A good digital marketing firm can design your social media adverting campaign to accomplish highly targeted goals that range from attracting new customers to selling specific products. While working toward these objectives, however, campaigns can simultaneously boost public visibility and brand awareness about your small business. Wise campaign leaders will ensure that all ads reflect a clearly defined company image that is both relevant and compelling. Due to their broad yet targeted outreach, these ads have a proven ability to drive sales by boosting brand loyalty through extended brand awareness.

2. More Cost-Effective Than Other Forms of Advertising

For many reasons, social media advertising can generate a considerably better ROI (return on investment) than other marketing approaches. According to the digital marketing experts at Marketing Done Right, this is largely due to the specialized nature and unique demographics of the various social platforms available. A successful small business will place ads on social networks that cater specifically to its target audience. This can accomplish wonders when it comes to helping that business better focus its marketing resources and avoid wasted ad spend. Furthermore, Facebook and other major social media sites have outstanding ad targeting services that can help you reach only your ideal prospective customers in terms of interests and social activities as well as gender, age, location, and other key demographic characteristics.

3. Broader Audience Reach

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Citing research by Global WebIndex, the marketing education platform Smart Insights reported that 59 percent of the global population is currently using social media on a regular basis. In January of 2023, the average daily social media usage time was more than 2 hours and 30 minutes. Furthermore, the rise in social media’s popularity is ongoing, as the market saw 27 million new social media users come online within the last year. With numbers like these, few small business leaders can deny the power of social media advertising to help them reach a far wider audience.

4. Increased Website Traffic

As your social media ads catch the attention of new and existing customer bases, you can expect a significant boost in traffic on your company website. As reported by the Content Marketing Institute, nearly 9 out of 10 marketers identify increasing website traffic as a primary benefit of social media advertising. In fact, few online marketing efforts can do more to drive traffic to your website.

5. Increased Lead Generation

Lead Generation diagram concept.

In marketing terms, a lead is a customer prospect who is entirely new to your company. Social media can help you generate new leads in several different ways. A strategically placed social media ad has a unique ability to capture consumer leads due to its unique ability to appear (almost like magic!) before the eyes and ears of the specific audience that you want to target. Even better, these ads specifically target your ideal prospective consumers, often when they are the most motivated to make an immediate purchase decision. By clicking on a social media ad, your leads will be automatically routed to your website where they will enter your digital sales pipeline. For these reasons and more, social media is rapidly becoming the most popular advertising focus across a broad spectrum of markets and industries.

6. Improved Audience Engagement

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As we have already established, much of the power of social media advertising comes from its ability to target certain demographic groups with supreme precision. In addition to dramatically boosting ad spend ROI and driving high-quality lead generation, the precise nature of social media advertising has proven extremely useful when it comes to improving audience engagement. To effectively engage with your ideal target consumer, you should not only choose your social media platforms wisely but specifically tailor your posts to captivate this consumer and motivate them to interact with your company. Therefore, the small business marketing resource WordStream recommends different approaches to content generation for different sites. For example, Facebook users will likely see your business posts right next to pictures of their boss’s new grandson or their college roommate’s last brunch. Therefore, your posts should be relatively causal and not take themselves too seriously. Conversely, LinkedIn posts should take a practical tone and stress helpful professional information.

7. Improved SEO Efforts 

A good SEO (search engine optimization) campaign can ensure that your company and its goods/services appear at or near the top of all relevant user inquiries on Google and other major internet search engines. Your social media ads can lead to better SEO if they include certain keywords in strategic places within their written content.

8. Improved Customer Relationships 

Improved Customer Relationships concept.

From reaching and attracting an optimal consumer audience to engaging with that consumer audience in an ideal manner, social media advertising offers virtually limitless opportunities to build positive and lasting relationships with customers. This leads to dedicated brand loyalty, ongoing repeat business, organic word-of-mouth referrals, and, ultimately, stable revenue growth. It all begins by meeting prospective and existing customers where they already are!

For More Information

Social media advertising benefits small businesses in a wide variety of ways. To learn more about what your specific company can gain through social media advertising, contact a representative of Marketing Done Right today. A full-service digital marketing agency with headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio, Marketing Done Right has helped a large number of small businesses use social media to get a competitive edge.

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